The Signature Book

The best way to tell YOUR STORY, long after the flowers have wilted, is through our custom designed Signature books made by our amazing lab in Italy. It represents the connection point between generations to come.

When your kids will sit on your knee and ask, "Tell me again, how did you fall in love" you will be able to show it through your signature book, again and again. And it will only get more valuable and emotional as the years pass.

Our luxury albums are one of a kind works of art! Graphistudio is one of the longest-running and most-prestigious wedding book manufacturers in the world. They were founded in Italy in 1982. The albums are handmade at their headquarters in Italy.

Following are a few album examples for you to get a sense of their variety, customizability and craftsmanship. I am highlighting my Signature wedding books. All of my wedding photo books come with a protective custom box. This keeps them safe from damage, dust and light.

Crystal Glance Signature Wedding Book with enoblement
Crystal Glance Signature Wedding Book
Crystal Glance Signature Wedding Book with parent books
12x8 Signature album silver foil overprinting

aYour family Heirloom album, custom designed by us, made in Italy.

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