Engagement photos in the Philly subway | Simona & Chris

Engagement photos in the Philly subway

Photographing in the subway(metro for you Europeans) a first for me, but I had a ton of fun with Simona and Chris. We rode the Pattison line to Dilworth Park and then Love Park for a few shots with the famous sign. Can’t wait for their 10.10.2020 wedding! The easiest wedding date to remember. 🙂
From Simona: “The date 10/10/20 is a big deal for us! It’s the 10th day of the 10th month and 10+10=20! 10 has been a nickname for Chris growing up. During our time of dating, he always referred to me as being “perfect” and later develop Perfect 10 Fitness, his personal training business. So I guess you can say it’s his number I adopted it lol.”

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