Scott and Autumn Philadelphia Horticulture Center Engagement in Fairmount Park

After locking my keys in the car (Thanks Allstate), but with all my equipment in hand, I met with Scott and Autumn and had lots of fun around the Horticultural Center in Fairmount Park where Scott actually proposed to Autumn earlier. They are such a sweet couple, and pictures don’t lie :) I previously collaborated with Autumn on a wedding fashion photo shoot where she modeled. She loved the pictures a lot, according to Scott, who hired me for their wedding and pleasantly surprised her at the engagement session. I am so excited and can’t wait to shoot their wedding, it will be amazing! Here are some of the pictures, enjoy!

Autumn Blog Autumn and Scott Blog Blog1 Blog2 Autumn and Scott Blog3 Autumn and Scott Blog4 Autumn and Scott Scott_and_Autumn_Engagement-020-Edit-1 Scott_and_Autumn_Engagement-024-2-1 Scott_and_Autumn_Engagement-031-1-2 Scott_and_Autumn_Engagement-037-2-Edit-1 Scott_and_Autumn_Engagement-038-2-1 Scott_and_Autumn_Engagement-048-1 Scott_and_Autumn_Engagement-057-2-1 Scott_and_Autumn_Engagement-067-2-1 Scott_and_Autumn_Engagement-087-2-1 Scott_and_Autumn_Engagement-105-2-1 Scott_and_Autumn_Engagement-112-2-1 Scott_and_Autumn_Engagement-113-2-1 Scott_and_Autumn_Engagement-128-2-1 Scott_and_Autumn_Engagement-130-1 Scott_and_Autumn_Engagement-136-1 Scott_and_Autumn_Engagement-137-1 Scott_and_Autumn_Engagement-141-2-1 Scott_and_Autumn_Engagement-162-1 Scott_and_Autumn_Engagement-188-1 Scott_and_Autumn_Engagement-190-1 Scott_and_Autumn_Engagement-201-1 Scott_and_Autumn_Engagement-235-1

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