Engagement photos in Philly with Robyn and Jack

When someone mentions rooftops, secret access is the cherry on top to my excitement. And that’s exactly what we did, pretty safely shall I say. After we failed to convince Robyn and Jack’s kitty that cameras are not dangerous to felines we headed out to Waterworks and Art Museum for a few more playful shots. I have a feeling this wedding is gonna have some sort of dance off, just sayin’. 🙂

Robyn and Jack-3 Robyn and Jack-10 Robyn and Jack-15 Robyn and Jack-24 Art Museum of Philadelphia Robyn and Jack-34 Robyn and Jack-42 Robyn and Jack-49 Robyn and Jack-52 Robyn and Jack-54 Robyn and Jack-60Waterworks

Engagement photos in Philly

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