Valerie & Todd’s wedding at the Skybox in Philadelphia

A little rain couldn’t scare Valerie and Todd from enjoying their wedding at the Skybox in Philadelphia. We even took the time to peruse the cute Old City streets where Val used to live before their ceremony. Enjoy the photos with commentary from yours truly.

Thank you for all the help Ryan and Senia!

courtney-and-mark-1 courtney-and-mark-2

Todd and his dad getting ready at Sheraton hotel.courtney-and-mark-3val-and-todd-4

Val and her mom’s first glance.val-and-todd-5 val-and-todd-6 blog

Todd and Valerie seeing each other for the first time before their vows on Smith walk at University of Pennsylvania campus.val-and-todd-7 val-and-todd-8 val-and-todd-9 val-and-todd-10

They say rain on your wedding day is good luck. Well for these two lovers, it was!val-and-todd-11 val-and-todd-12 val-and-todd-13 val-and-todd-14 val-and-todd-15 val-and-todd-16 val-and-todd-17 val-and-todd-18 val-and-todd-19 Wedding at the Skybox

A little bit of chemistry to unite Todd and Val. It’s called a Liquid GLow Unity Ceremony.val-and-todd-21 val-and-todd-23 val-and-todd-24 val-and-todd-25 val-and-todd-26 Wedding at the Skybox val-and-todd-28 val-and-todd-29 val-and-todd-30

And the party is on!

We were even visited by a dancing dinosaur and a flamingo bird.val-and-todd-32 val-and-todd-33 val-and-todd-34 val-and-todd-35

Wedding at the Skybox in Philadelphia

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