Orchid extravaganza at Longwood Gardens with Alex and Vinny

Where else would you rather be on a 20 degrees winter day other than the huge Longwood Gardens conservatory. On this particular day the Orchid Extravaganza displays were in full bloom. So Alex and Vinny will not only be surrounded by orchids at their engagement session but the big day will be surrounded by this magic flower. October cannot come fast enough!

Alex and Vinny-011 Alex and Vinny-028-Edit Alex and Vinny-031 Alex and Vinny-037 Alex and Vinny-052 Alex and Vinny-059 Alex and Vinny-073-Edit Alex and Vinny-078 Alex and Vinny-083-Edit Alex and Vinny-092-Edit Alex and Vinny-143 Alex and Vinny-154 Alex and Vinny-171



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