Elise and Andrew at Holy Rosary Catholic Church

First wedding of the Spring at Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Claymont happened in perfect sunny weather. Elise and Andrew were so easy to photograph and had a blast throughout the day.

Holy Rosary Catholic Church
Holy Rosary Catholic Church

Elise and Andrew-3-2 Elise and Andrew-111-7 Elise and Andrew-21-4 Elise and Andrew-73-6 Elise and Andrew-8-3-3 Elise and Andrew-23-3-5 Elise and Andrew-181-8 Elise and Andrew-237-10 Elise and Andrew-207-9 Elise and Andrew-286-11 Elise and Andrew-398-Edit-13 Elise and Andrew-56-3-12 Elise and Andrew-486-16 Elise and Andrew-154-2-19 Elise and Andrew-489-17 Elise and Andrew-117-2-18 Elise and Andrew-87-2-20 Elise and Andrew-68-3-15 Elise and Andrew-290-2-Edit-22

Holy Rosary Catholic Church

Make up and hair artist Q Salon and Spa
Wedding Planner Laurie Buckman of Schleppers Concierge
Caterer Miss Rachel’s Pantry
DJ Moore Music
Brand of Dress David’s Bridal
Baker Carley’s Cakes

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